Wheel Trims

Welcome to WheelTrims.org.uk, home of brand new wheel trims and also replacement wheel trims. Does your car look a bit old and tired? Don't want to fork out for expensive alloys? Fitting a set of Wheel Trims can transform the look of your car for very little expense!

Brand New Wheel Trims

Replacement Wheel Trims

Do you have Wheel Trims on your car already? Have you lost a Wheel Trim? Search through our site to find a wheel trim to complete your set! From BMW Wheel Trims to VW Wheel trims, we are confident that you will find a replacement wheel trim on wheeltrims.org.uk!

Replacement Wheel Trims

Cable Ties

Whilst most new wheel trims clip on to your wheels and stay on, choosing to fit a cable tie to ensure it is secure can be a good idea. Search our shop for all sorts of colours of cable ties!

Wheel Trim Cable Ties