Chrome Wheel Trims

If you need a set of replacement wheel trims, how about buying a set of Chrome Wheel Trims? Very stylish and available in loads of different designs.

Browse through the listings below and bling up your ride!!!

4 Chrome Beauty Trim Rings Wheel Hub VW Golf Mk2 Mk3 14" Steel Wheel £29.99

16" Inch Chrome Van Wheel Trims Motorhome RV Hub Caps X 4 Domed Curved Trim Caps £59.99

16" Inch Fiat Ducato Chrome Wheel Trims Motorhome Van RV Hub Caps x 4 Trim £59.99

15" Chrome Fiat Ducato Universal Deep Dish Chrome Van Wheel Trims X 4 U X104 £30.45

4 Chrome Trim Rings for 13" Steel Wheels Triumph Spitfire Herald £29.99

4 Fiat Ducato Van Motorhome 15" Wheel Trims Chrome Deep Dish Hub Caps New £59.99

12" Wheel Trims Baby Moon CHROME Hub Caps Full Covers Hubcaps SET OF 4 £71.00

Ford Bedford Talbot 14" Chrome Van Wheel Trims Deep Dish Hub Caps Domed Trim x4 £34.99

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